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Hey, Pasco County Utilities customers!  We’d like to find out how many homes in Pasco County have lead pipes bringing in drinking water. 

Lead pipes were a common plumbing fixture in buildings constructed up until the mid-1950s. You may know that lead-tainted drinking water can cause serious health problems, and fortunately, lead pipes were banned as a plumbing option in 1988!

If you think you may have lead pipes in your house, we ask that you take our survey!  Just click on the button to the left or down below – and help us identify and locate how many homes have lead pipes. We’re doing this in accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule Revision. We plan to perform an inventory of water service lines/pipes. That means we need your help locating and identifying water service lines on your property.

Please note: Pasco County’s source water and water mains DO NOT contain lead. Pasco County is in full compliance with the current Lead and Copper Rule.

Pasco County doesn’t keep records on what plumbing materials are used in homes, so please take our survey. The survey is a simple at-home check you can perform to determine if you have lead pipes.

We’ll send information around Pasco County in phases, but you can get a jump start by taking the survey now. If you can’t take the survey on a computer or mobile device, call the Pasco County Utilities Department at 727-847-8131 for help.

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What is a Water Service Line?

There are actually two parts of a water service line Pasco County is responsible for the public water service line from our water main to your water meter, while you, the property owner, are responsible for the private service line from your water meter into your house.

Graphic: Courtesy City of Delray Beach page

How can I tell what’s in my house?

There are several ways to determine what types of pipes are in your house. Identification is easy, but you can hire a licensed plumber at your expense who can check the line and identify other potential sources of lead in your plumbing.

There are four common materials: Lead, Copper, Galvanized Iron and Plastic. 

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Graphic: Courtesy DC Water


The first step is for us to find out how many private lead service lines are in Pasco County. That’s why the results of the survey are so important! After identifying all lead service lines, Pasco County will create a long-term private lead line replacement plan. 

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