Water Programs And Rebates

Community Programs

Schedule a Specialist

Pasco County Utilities customers using an automatic irrigation system are eligible to receive a free onsite irrigation consultation. Participants will receive a water use history plus a personalized water efficiency report. Appointment times are limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Commercial Water Audits

Commercial water audits are available for businesses serviced by Pasco County Utilities. Participating commercial locations will receive a site visit to inventory water-using fixtures and identify potential water-saving measures. Appointment times are limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. 

To schedule a specialist or a commercial water audit, email SaveH2O@MyPasco.net.

Water Wise Award

Pasco County Utilities partners with other Tampa Bay area water utilities, county Cooperative Extension Offices, and Tampa Bay Water to recognize homeowners and businesses conserving water and protecting the environment with water wise landscaping. A call for entries begins each spring and judging occurs in the August through early September timeframe. For more information awards.tampabaywaterwise.org/

Water Poster Contest

Recognized by the American Water Works Association as a “Best in Class” and “Show of Excellence” program for its emphasis on outreach and education. The Annual Water Awareness Poster Contest is a joint outreach effort presented by Pasco County Utilities and the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA). Visit watercontest.org for more program information and news, photos of past winning artwork, guidelines and more.

Protecting the Environment 

Pasco County Utilities is an Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Partner, invested in providing our community with up-to-date, accurate information about efficient water conserving practices.

Affiliate Programs

Commercial account holders are encouraged to take advantage of free water saving programs sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Southwest Florida Water Management District.  

Available programs include:

  • Florida Green Lodging, certifies program for lodging facilities committed to conserving and protecting Florida’s natural resources. 
  • Florida Water Star, certifies water-conserving design and construction in new and existing residential and commercial structures.
  • Water Champ, a free towel and linen reuse program that encourages lodging guests to use their towels and linens more than once during their stay.

Tampa Bay Water Wise Rebate Program provides rebates to homeowners and businesses that participate in water conservation. This includes rebates for high-efficiency toilets, irrigation controllers, commercial equipment, and more... Read more

Water Saving Rebates

Tampa Bay Water Wise Rebate Program

To help local residents and businesses embrace water conservation efforts, we’re participating in Tampa Bay Water Wise, a regional program that offers rebates, information, and more. It’s never been easier to conserve water and save money in the process.

Organizations, families, and individuals alike can save more water and money when they make water-wise choices.

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Water Programs and Rebates
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