Environmental Lab

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The Pasco County Utilities Environmental Laboratory provides field sample collection, analytical services and program management services to our customers.

The lab’s senior management staff has implemented a Quality Assurance/Quality Control program that ensures that data generated is accurate, precise and scientifically valid.

Our laboratory is certified by the Florida Department of Health (DOH) following National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) standards.

The state certification number is E44123.

Lab Fees and Services

Utilities Environmental Laboratory provides multiple testing for residents of Pasco County. The tests listed below are just some of the testing that can be done. If you are looking to have a test performed on your water and it is not listed below, please feel free to contact our office.

Prices are subject to change.

Metals Cost/Analysis
Aluminum $27
Antimony $27
Arsenic $27
Barium $27
Beryllium $27
Cadmium $27
Chromium $27
Copper $27
Iron $27
Lead $27
Manganese $27
Mercury $32
Molybdenum $27
Nickel $27
Selenium $27
Silver $27
Sodium $27
Zinc $27

Demands Cost/Analysis
BOD $33
CBOD $24
UBOD $305
HEM $24

Nutrients Cost/Analysis
Ammonia $19
TKN $27
Nitrate-Nitrite $19
Total Phosphorus $27

Anions Cost/Analysis
Chloride $12
Fluoride $12
Sulfate $12

Services Cost
Copy Per Page $0.25
Fax Per Page $1

Solids Cost/Analysis
TSS $12
VSS $33
Total Solids $184
TDS $20

Minerals Cost/Analysis
Calcium $27
Magnesium $27
Potassium $27
Hardness (Calcium + Magnesium) $54

Meter Parameters Cost/Analysis
Conductivity $16
Dissolved Oxygen $16
pH/Temperature $85
Turbidity $16
Chlorine Residual $16

Wet Chemistry Cost/Analysis
Alkalinity  $23
Color $104
Odor $26

Microbiology Cost/Analysis
Total Coliform/E.coli (P/A) $12
HPC $86
Fecal Coliform MPN $103
Total Coliform/E.coli $103
Enterococcus $146