Vendor Registration

Pasco County is in the process of converting to Bonfire for all formal Request for Quotes (RFQ) and formal solicitations. This conversion is expected to take place between December 12, 2022 and February 28, 2023. All RFQ and solicitation documents must be obtained as noted below.

Prior to December 11, 2022:

For all RFQs and solicitations posted on or PRIOR TO December 11, 2022, please visit the Florida BidNet Direct website for vendors to access. You must register with BidNet Direct in order to view the official solicitation documents. There are free and paid registration options available.

Beginning December 12, 2022:

For all RFQs and solicitations posted on or later that December 12, 2022, please visit the Bonfire website. You must register with Bonfire to view the official solicitation documents, however Bonfire registration is free for all vendors.

Additionally, beginning December 12, 2022, Pasco County will NO LONGER ACCEPT mail in (written) submissions to RFQs or formal solicitations. All responses MUST be entered thought the Bonfire system at the link above unless otherwise noted in the Advertisement for Bid.

Please contact Kim Feeney via email or 727-847-8194 with any questions.