Office Of Economic Growth

Register a Business in Pasco County

If you’re looking to register a business in Pasco County, please visit the Pasco County Tax Collector.

All questions related to contractor licenses should be directed to Pasco County Building Construction Services.

The Vision of the Office of Economic Growth is to become the premier business environment in the Southeast United States and a leader in an emerging innovative, entrepreneurial economy.
The Mission of the Office of Economic Growth is to, in accordance with Goal 3.2 of the Pasco County Strategic Plan, "Become a regional leader in collaborative efforts to attract and retain businesses to achieve a strong, stable, complementary business mix, tax base, and employment.

Economic Growth Program

The Office of Economic Growth is tasked with executing the goals and strategies outlined in the adopted Economic Development Plan (EDP) and the Board of County Commissioners' adopted Strategic Plan.
In order to accomplish our mission, the Office of Economic Growth delivers its services on four primary activities:
Administration of the Economic Development Plan & the Jobs & Economic Opportunities Trust Fund

The Office of Economic Growth administrative duties include collaboration with various stakeholder groups, negotiation and contract development for public/private partnership opportunities, as well as agreement management for a multitude of incentive and development agreements which include the Penny For Pasco -Jobs and Economic Opportunities Trust Fund.
Target Industry Attraction & Retention

The goal of attracting targeted industries is to strengthen Pasco into the most competitive business environment in the Southeast United States. Through the pursuit of new partnerships, attraction and expansion of targeted businesses, collaboration with the Pasco Economic Development Council, community involvement, grants administration, workforce development, and County process improvements we can accomplish this goal.
Redevelopment & Reinvestment Program

The Office of Economic Growth will help catalyze redevelopment through incentives, financing, and regulatory programs. The Office of Economic Growth duties include the management of Pasco's adopted Brownfield Redevelopment Program, Redevelopment Loan Program, low impact development initiatives, and business improvement programs to address the complex challenges posed by redevelopment in the urbanized and blighted areas of the county.
Information, Advocacy & Referral

The Office of Economic Growth duties include providing information to new and expanding businesses within the County, referrals, and providing insight for any potential project or policy economic impacts.