General Media

General Media Information

A Pasco County Public Safety Communications Supervisor can answer basic media questions about fires, law enforcement action, weather damage and emergency calls.  Supervisors can give the type of call, the time the call was received and the address of the call. Depending on call activity, Communications may refer you to the appropriate Public Information Officer (PIO).  Pasco Sheriff’s Office media calls for child abuse, homicides, vice/narcotics and warrants being served need to be directed to the Sheriff’s PIO. (See Sheriff’s Office PIO below.)

The Pasco County Public Safety Communications Center is available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 727.847.8102.  There may be a delay during breaking news as the call taker’s top priority is to handle  911 calls.  During these high-volume call times, please reach out to the on-call PIO’s below.

On-Call County Public Information Officer (PIO)

The on-call Pasco County Government PIO can be reached at 727.277.4518
The on-call PIO is available to assist media with breaking news after hours and can help coordinate information from various Pasco County Departments.  For faster service, please call or text the on-call PIO number.

The guide below can help media expedite a request for information both during normal business hours and after hours.

Routine news calls for Pasco County Government are accepted Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by contacting Media Relations & Communications at 727.815.7177 or

Pasco Sheriff’s Office

Media Inquiries:

Traffic Accidents &Investigations

All traffic accidents in Pasco County are investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol / Public Affairs Office: 813.215.1867.

Fire Rescue PIO

The Pasco County Public Safety Communications Center is available 24-hours a day by calling 727.847.8102 and can provide an address and basic description of a call for Pasco Fire Rescue.

For breaking news involving Pasco County Fire Rescue, please contact the on-call county PIO listed above.

Sinkholes & Depressions

In many cases, sinkholes/depressions/sub-surface anomalies on private property, that do not have a public safety or utilities impact, are the responsibility of the property owner and/or their insurance carrier.

For the address of the affected property, please call Pasco County Public Safety Communications at 727.847.8102.

For any additional information, contact the County PIO listed above.

Constitutional Offices

In Pasco County, each Constitutional Office handles its own media relations: