Emergency Services

Non-Emergency Phone and Hours

Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Dial 911

  • For serious medical problems
  • To report an accident
  • To report a fire
  • To stop a crime in progress or about to occur
  • When life or property is endangered

If you call 911 don't hang up! Hanging up will only slow down our response. Emergency Communications strives to answer every call as they are received but we recognize that during certain times multiple calls are received for the same incident and need to be managed so all emergencies can be handled.

Do Not Call 911

  • For directions
  • For directory assistance
  • For routine police business
  • For weather information
  • Non-emergency utility problems
  • To complain about barking dogs or loud stereos
About Central Dispatch

Located in New Port Richey, Pasco County 911/Central Dispatch is a consolidated public safety answering point (PSAP), responsible for handling requests for law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies for the entire Unincorporated County of Pasco as well as the City of San Antonio.

Nine-one-one is the number most people in the U.S. and some in International countries call to get help in a police, fire, or medical emergency. A 911 call goes over dedicated networks to the appropriate 911 answering point (PSAP) for the caller's location, and trained professionals then send the emergency help needed.

Public Safety Communications is a consolidated communication center that provides emergency communications for and between the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, Pasco County Fire Rescue, and Dade City Police.

International Academy of Emergency Fire Dispatch International Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch International Academy of Emergency Police Dispatch
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