Inmate Labor Program

The mission of inmate labor programs is to teach inmates proper safety and common vocational industry practices, along with principles of positive work ethics in an effort to enhance reintegration into society. All supplies including start up costs of programs are obtained from federal grant funds and/or welfare funds.

Pasco County Government has initiated a number of programs designed to save taxpayer’s dollars, raise the work ethic of selected inmates and give them a productive way to spend court-ordered sentences. The Inmate Labor Section consists of four units, Inmate Labor, Facility Maintenance, Construction, and Contracted Work Crews. Inmate Labor is responsible for the overall cosmetic maintenance of Detention Central, the upkeep of the facility grounds and supervision of assigned programs. yes

This section supervises the following programs:

  • Carpentry
  • Construction
  • County Work Crews (Animal Control, Road and Bridge, Parks and Recreation)
  • Laundry
  • Administrative
  • Clean-Up
  • Grounds Maintenance

Operation Payback Program

Operation Payback (OPB) is an alternative county jail sentence administered by Pasco County Government, in cooperation with County and Circuit Judges and county staff. Defendants sentenced to OPB are assigned to a county park or facility to assist with general cleaning and grounds maintenance. In 2016 there was a daily average of 53 defendants in the program and they completed a total of 20,263 hours of labor. At $8.05, this was a value of $163,117.15. It cost $64 per day to house an inmate in the detention center. By having defendants in OPB instead of housing them in the jail, there was an additional value of $164,080.00 in 2016.

County Worker Crews

Road and Bridge Assigned 4 inmate workers, completed 4,674 hours of labor. This crew is used primarily to maintain areas such as retention ponds and road ways throughout the county. Parks and Recreation Assigned 5 inmate workers, completed 6,190 hours of labor. This crew completes general maintenance and landscaping at all county parks and recreation centers. Animal Control Assigned 5 inmate workers, completed 7,114 hours of labor. This crew assists by cleaning dog kennels and walking dogs.

Administrative Clean-Up Crew

Pasco County Government operates two administration clean-up crews. Each crew is comprised of 3 female inmate workers that complete general cleaning in agency buildings throughout the county.


The Detention Facility has an average of 25 female inmate workers assigned to the Laundry program. Inmate workers complete all washing and drying of jail linens and uniforms, they also make sewing repairs. They are able to repair socks, undergarments, inmate uniforms, sheets, and mattresses.

Grounds Maintenance

The Grounds Maintenance Program was designed to train inmates for potential employment upon release from incarceration. The program instructs inmates in the proper handling and use of common commercial landscaping equipment to include preventative maintenance and servicing of the equipment. Additionally, the program is used to maintain the grounds of the facility.

Inmate Vocational Programs

Pasco County Government currently has carpentry, welding, and construction vocational programs. Carpentry The carpentry program has an average of 7 inmate workers. They are taught how to use various power tools and equipment and build items such as picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, bean bag toss games, and items from recycled pallets. The inmates in this program receive a certificate for hours of instruction upon their release from custody. Welding The welding program generally has an average of 2 inmates. They are taught to weld and make things such as park grills and smokers. They receive certificates in welding safety, blue print reading, and hours of instructions. Some participants are able to be fully certified through the American Welding Society upon their release. Construction The construction program has an average of 10 inmate workers. They assist with general maintenance; replacing flooring, building renovations, plumbing, and electrical work. They are instructed on tool handling, safety procedures, blueprint reading, and proper use of power tools. The work crews operate under the supervision of certified staff members holding a general contractors license.