Organizational Performance Management

The new normal has become an ever-increasing demand for services with limited funding and sources of that funding. Through process improvement, reducing costs, time, effort, and improving efficiencies, outcomes, and quality, we can continue to provide our citizens with the required levels of service.

Organizational Performance Management (OPM) deploys a range of managerial activities designed to monitor, measure and adjust aspects of individual and organizational performance through management controls, processes and procedures of various types. The OPM is designed to:

  • Listen to customers, internal and external, through the Customer Service Department
  • Identify trends, issues, and opportunities for improvement through the Performance Development Department (PDD)
  • Provide solutions, process improvements, and standard operating procedures through the PDD and the Training & Development Department (T&D)
  • Proactively educate and inform customers through T&D and Media Relations

This model is used in high performing private sector organizations across the Country but is rarely applied to government operations. The structure allows Pasco County to remain nimble and enables a rapid response to emerging and changing circumstances.

Organizational Performance Management includes:

  • Performance Development 
  • Media Relations and Communication
  • Training & Development 
  • Customer Service

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