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1. Does the recycle logo mean an item is recyclable? What does the number in the logo mean?
2. What does recyclable mean?
3. What’s the difference between curbside and drop-off recycling?
4. What are the “3Rs”?
5. What does “closing the loop” mean?
6. What is the difference between pre- and post-consumer recycled materials?
7. What percentage recycled content should I look for?
8. Where can I buy recycled products?
9. What recycled products are available?
10. Where do recyclables go?
11. How are aluminum cans recycled?
12. What are aluminum cans recycled into?
13. How is newspaper recycled?
14. What does newspaper get recycled into?
15. How are steel (tin) cans recycled?
16. What do steel (tin) cans get recycled into?
17. How are cardboard boxes recycled?
18. What is cardboard recycled into?
19. How is paper recycled?
20. What is paper recycled into?
21. How are plastic bottles recycled?
22. What are plastic bottles recycled into?
23. How do I recycle in Pasco County?
24. How often is my recycling picked-up?
25. What if there’s a problem with my recycling pick-up?