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1. Does Pasco County Fire Rescue use a collection service for delinquent accounts?
2. How are Pasco County Fire Rescue ambulance rates determined?
3. I don't have insurance and cannot afford to pay for my ambulance service. Will you reduce or waive the charge?
4. I thought ambulance service was included on my tax bill; why do I also get billed when I use the service?
5. Is Pasco County Fire Rescue contracted with any insurance company?
6. Is the bill for ambulance service covered by my insurance?
7. I was recently transported by ambulance and Medicare denied my bill for medical necessity. Why did they deny and what are my rights?
8. What are your ambulance rates?
9. Who should I contact if I have a question about my ambulance bill?
10. Why is the cost of the ambulance so high?
11. Why are you sending me a bill after my insurance company paid?
12. Why did I receive a bill for Rescue Assist services? Why won't my insurance pay for this service?
13. I was not transported by the ambulance; why did I receive a bill for Rescue Assist services?
14. Will you bill my insurance company for my ambulance service?
15. I have to make a payment for my Ambulance bill. Can I make a payment online?
16. Can I make a payment over the telephone?
17. What credit cards do you accept?
18. Do you accept HSA Cards (Health Saving Account)?
19. Why is there a problem processing my HSA card?