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Request for a Tour

  1. Pasco County Animal Services Tour Request

    We are happy to provide tours and organize field trips at Pasco County Animal Services. Please understand that tours and field trips must occur after 11am Tuesday through Friday due to cleaning operations in the mornings. Saturday tours and field trips can be arranged depending on staff availability.

  2. We ask that requests are made 30 days prior to the requested date. Please also list up to two back-up dates. This allows us time to manage appropriate staffing for your tour/field trip.

  3. Special note for large classrooms

    We are very happy to have large classrooms attend field trips. For groups over 75 (including chaperopes) we recommend splitting the visit up over two dates. Please notate in the comments below the secondary dates you would like to schedule.

  4. If you are interested in a specific topic please let us know below.

  5. Problems or questions with this form?

    Please call 813-929-1212 or email

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