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Foster Kitten Sign Up

  1. Contact Preference*

  2. Length of Time You are Willing To Foster*

  3. Age Preference for Kitten Fostering*

    We understand that fostering certain age groups are easier for different lifestyles. Please select all age groups that apply to your preferences.

  4. Medical Fostering*

    There are times where the shelter encounters pets that require additional medical attention that cannot be provided within the shelter's scope of care. PCAS will provide medical care and assistance for these pets that can be placed in foster homes to heal. Please select any or all conditions that you would consider fostering in your home. PCAS will provide educational materials to best manage these conditions/

  5. I understand that foster parents are responsible for bringing the foster animal to the shelter one (1) time every two (2) weeks to be seen by shelter staff. The foster parent may bring their animal(s) to the Land O Lakes Adoption Center Tuesday through Friday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM for these ‘foster rechecks.’ All foster rechecks occurring outside of these times must be pre-approved by the Foster Coordinator or PCAS veterinary team.*

  6. I understand if a foster animal needs to see a PCAS Veterinarian or the PCAS veterinary team outside of the typical rechecks, this appointment is to be made with a PCAS Customer Service Specialist or Foster Coordinator prior to the animal arriving at the Land O Lakes Adoption Center. *

  7. I understand all medical emergencies should be brought to the shelter immediately during normal business hours. All medical emergencies occurring after-hours should be brought to the Pasco County Animal Services after-hours partner veterinary clinic. The foster parent must notify the Foster Coordinator of all after-hours medical emergencies within 24 hours via email so a long term medical plan can be established by a PCAS veterinarian.*

  8. I understand that if my foster(s) is experiencing a medical emergency I must use PCAS' contracted hospital. PCAS is NOT financially responsible for any services provided by any other veterinarian.*

  9. I understand that food/supplies may not be available through PCAS and that I may need to purchase these items on my own. I understand PCAS relies of donations of supplies and food (such as KMR and litter pans) and therefore I may not receive supplies when picking up my fosters.*

  10. I understand that Pasco County Animal Services does not offer adoption trials or temporary foster for healthy adoptable animals. If I am interested in adopting my foster I must speak with a staff member to place an adoption hold.*

  11. I understand that my foster(s) is/are the property of Pasco County Animal Services. As such, they must remain at the residence on file and must be returned and present for all scheduled medical services as required.*

  12. I understand that surgeries for fosters are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Drop off times for surgeries will be between 8:15am and 9am the day of surgery. A courtesy reminder call will be provided the day prior to surgery, with fasting instructions. It is the responsibility of the foster parent to ensure the foster pet is present for all appointments.*

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