What can I do about high water consumption?
Before calling a plumber, there are a few simple checks you can perform to rule out some of the common causes for high usage.

First, carefully note the dates of the meter readings on the bill. There is often a delay of a month or more from the period when the water was used until the bill is actually received.

Next, determine whether there were any activities during that period that might be expected to have caused high water usage. Small increases can sometimes be the result of pressure-washing, hoses left running, or holiday house-guests. On the other hand, large increases in usage might be expected as a result of new sod establishment, or pool cleaning and refilling.

Finally, please follow the simple checklist on the Utilities website section entitled "Seek a Leak" to check for common leaks and sprinkler issues. This checklist will help to identify the most common causes for unexpected increases - leaks and sprinkler programming issues.

"Seek a Leak"

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1. What can I do about high water consumption?
2. What can I do if I think I have a water leak?