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1. Do I need a permit to put up a Fence?
2. Do I need a permit for a Barn?
3. What do I need to apply for a permit?
4. How long does it take to get a permit approved?
5. What form of payment do you accept?
6. Do I need a permit for a Shed?
7. Do I need a permit to cut down a Tree?
8. How much are Impact Fees?
9. Can I add a second home on my property?
10. What are the setbacks for my lot?
11. Can I perform work on my own house or do I need to hire a contractor?
12. Do I need to file a notice of commencement if I am pulling the permit as a homeowner?
13. How much does a permit cost?
14. Do I need a permit to replace my exterior doors and windows?
15. How long is a permit good for?
16. Do I need a permit to build a dog house?
17. What type of work requires Impact Fees to be paid?
18. Do I have to pay impact fees when I pick up my permit?
19. Do you allow payments towards impact fees?
20. Can I apply for a permit online?
21. What happens if I do the work without a permit?
22. Are the required forms and applications available online?
23. What kind of permit and inspection do I need for installing a grid tie solar panel system to my home?
24. Do I need a Spa permit?
25. When do I need a fill permit?
26. How do I report unpermitted work or an unlicensed contractor?