Garbage Information

Please Note:

Pasco County Weekly Residential Curbside Recycling

In pursuit of a cleaner, greener future, Pasco County is now offering weekly residential curbside recycling. Trash haulers have a 90-day transition period to implement the schedule change. Glass will no longer be accepted in our recycling program.  Please toss your glass in the trash bin where it will be sent to Pasco’s Waste-To-Energy facility. 

We understand it can be frustrating when service costs increase. Please know that the cost of trash pickup hasn't increased in 10 years. Part of the increase is to get the trash collection service charges closer to where they should be to keep pace with inflation and the rising costs of the trash hauling business. The other part of the increase is to provide residents with weekly recycling collection. Pasco County is increasing the allowable price cap haulers can charge for service from $12.44/month to $16.81/month.

To find out more about the changes to Pasco's Recycling program, please read our Recycling Frequently Asked Questions or visit our Recycling page.

  1. Residential Self Haul
  2. Curbside Garbage Pickup
  3. Dumpster Service

If you bring items to either of our facilities, please see below for items we accept. Please tell the scalehouse what items you have so you are directed to the right area. Proof of Pasco County residency required for services.

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 7am to 5pm; Please arrive by 4:30pm to ensure sufficient unloading time


Solid Waste Items

Up to 8 bags of trash per dayNo Charge
Furniture$65.69 per ton ($3.28 for every 100lbs)
Construction Debris$65.69 per ton ($3.28 for every 100lbs)
Yard Waste$65.69 per ton ($3.28 for every 100lbs)
Mixed Loads$65.69 per ton ($3.28 for every 100lbs)
Tires (Car/Pickup)$2 per tire
Tires (Truck/Semi)$10 per tire
All other tires and loads over 10 tires$200 per ton
Air Conditioners$3
MetalNo Charge (unless in a mixed load)

Household Hazardous Waste Items

The Household Hazardous Waste Center is open during regular hours. However, if you need assistance, or want to keep your container, please check the East or West pages to see attendant hours.

Computer Monitor, Tower, or Laptop
Propane Tank - 20lbs
Propane Tank - 50lbs
TV - up to 35"
TV - 36" and up, Projection, or Console

Household Hazardous Waste Items at No Charge

Aerosol Cans
Battery Acid
Cleaning Chemicals
Fluorescent Light Bulbs or  CFL's
Household Batteries
Gasoline or Diesel Fuel
Latex Paint
Lead Acid Batteries
Mineral Spirits
Pool Chemicals
Power Steering Fluid
Rust Removers
Transmission Fluid
Used Motor Oil
Wood Stains

All forms of garbage are dropped off at county Solid Waste facilities. You may bring large and/or bulk items directly to Solid Waste facilities or you can contact your trash hauler for assistance. For additional information, contact Pasco County Solid Waste at (727) 856-0119 or go to the Resource Recovery link on this page.