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Recent Sales 

Pasco County Property Appraiser than perform a "records search" and select "recent sales."

 Right of Way Information

  • Visit County Road Information to find information on a particular road.
    (****Note: Right-of-Way figure may be estimated. Specific research should be done to determine exact widths and dedications).

Also, the Pasco County Survey Division might have a Right-of-Way map for a particular portion of Right-of-Way. Please direct your inquiry to (727) 847-8142.

Sales, Warranty, Deed Information, Etc. 

Pasco County Property Appraiser than perform a "records search" and enter a name, address or parcel I.D. #.

Further research can also be done online or in person through the Clerks Office.

 Surplus Property 

If you are interested, please write a letter which includes the following:

  • Address, if one exists
  • Contact information
  • Parcel Id #

Mail the letter to the Real Estate Division, 8731 Citizens Drive, Suite 230, New Port Richey, FL 34654. You will be notified by mail if and when the parcel is declared surplus as well as who to contact to place your bid. The process to declare a County owned parcel as surplus can take months.

Miscellaneous Information

  • For information on converting a private street to public please contact the Paving Assessment (PVAS) at (727) 834-3601.
  • Plat Books are available for viewing in the Clerks Office.