Important Emergency Service Terms

Advanced Life Support Level 1 (ALS1)

When medically necessary, the provision of an assessment by an ALS provider / supplier or the provision of one or more ALS interventions. An ALS provider / supplier is defined as a provider trained to the level of EMT - intermediate or Paramedic as defined in the National EMS Education and Practice Blueprint. An ALS intervention is defined as any procedure beyond the scope of an EMT - Basic.

Advanced Life Support Level 2 (ALS2)

When medically necessary, the administration of three or more different medications and the provision of at least one of the following ALS procedures: manual defribrillation / cardioversion, endotracheal Intubation, central venous Line, cardiac pacing, chest decompression, surgical airway, intraosseous line.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

When medically necessary, the administration of supplies and services in the context of an emergency response.

Rescue Assist

  1. When a patient or a patient's family member calls 911 and requests an ambulance and the patient may or may not receive treatment* but always refuses to be transported.
  2. When anyone calls 911 on a patient's behalf and the patient accepts treatment and refuses to be transported.

*Definition of Treatment: EKG, Oxygen, IV, Splinting, or Medication