Chloramine in Your Drinking Water

Your water has changed. To ensure the county meets new federal water quality standards under the National Safe Drinking Water Act, we have been phasing in the use of chloramines to disinfect the water supply. This process is called chloramination.Chloramination is basically adding a small amount of ammonia (less than one part per million) to water in the treatment process along with chlorine, thereby forming chloramines, or combined chlorine.

In Florida, chloramines are used by at least 30 water utilities including the cities of Tampa, Ft. Myers and the Miami-Dade area.Major U.S. cities such as Denver and Minneapolis have been using chloramines since the 1940s.

Chloramines must be removed from the water before it is used for two specific purposes:

Additional Information

For more information concerning chloramines, please contact Tampa Bay Water toll-free at 1 (866) INFO-H2O (463-6426), or contact Pasco County Utilities at (727) 847-8145 during normal business hours.