Rabies Information

What is Rabies?

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. The virus lives in the saliva and brain tissue of infected mammals. Rabies is fatal once it reaches the brain. All pets/domestic animals must be confined for 10 days of observation after exposure. Wild animals will be tested for the virus.

  1. How Rabies is Spread
  2. How to Protect Yourself
  3. If You are Bitten or Scratched
  • Bites & scratches from infected mammals
  • Contact with infected brain tissue
  • Contact with infected tissues/saliva in open wounds

Signs & Symptoms of Rabies

Rabies can present with some or all of the below listed symptoms:
  • Animal is abnormally excitable, irritable and/or aggressive
  • Animal is unusually approachable
  • Change in vocal tone
  • Confused/calm then suddenly attacks
  • Convulsions
  • Daytime activity in nocturnal animals*
  • Frothing at the mouth
  • Inability to eat or drink
  • Lack of fear of natural enemies
  • Paralysis and/or coma
  • Profuse drooling
  • Sluggish, confused or depressed
  • Staggering/weakness
*Although daytime activity in primarily nocturnal animals can be a sign or symptom of rabies, development into new areas that were at one time these animals' natural habitat can alter their historically normal patterns. PCAS recommends that you do not feed or interact with wildlife, no matter the situation.