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What is the Waste No Food Program?

The Waste No Food Program is part of Pasco County's Plant for Pasco Program.

The Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger has launched a Waste No Food program to help find solutions to end hunger in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County.

 The Pasco County Food Policy Advisory Council (FPAC) is collaborating with the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger's Waste No Food Program in an effort to eliminate food waste and to help ensure surplus locally grown produce is made available to local non-profit organizations to feed Pasco residents. For more information on FPAC, please visit our FPAC webpage here.

How do I Participate?

Waste No Food Tampa Bay, a program of the Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger, is an expansion of Waste No Food, an app based program. It is a web-based and mobile marketplace allowing excess food to be donated from the food service industry to qualified charities that work with citizens who need assistance. 

It consists of a web app and a mobile app that allow farms, restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, and grocery stores to post excess food in real time. Local charities and nonprofit organizations can see what is available near them and claim the food online or on the app, then arrange transportation and food handling with the donor. It requires no advance planning other than downloading and signing up for the app, which is free for all to use.

How you can be a part of the community based regenerative solution image

Waste no food logoSign up as a donor/recipient on the Waste No Food application or website.

  1. Visit  the Network to End Hunger website and register as a donor/recipient 
  2. They can provide buckets with sealed lids to collect food scraps 
    • You decide the number of buckets and frequency of pick-up that is right for you
    • Most businesses have 2-3 buckets with a pick-up once or twice a week
    • Or, request buckets for composting here
  3. Post your bucket of food scraps for donation/excess food on the Waste No Food app. If you are a recipient, claim your first full bucket of food scraps for compost/excess food for charity on the Waste No Food app and pick it up from the donor.
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