System Statistics

The Utilities O&M Department aims to effectively maintain its facilities and have a planned maintenance ratio of 70% or higher. Utilities O&M Department programs are committed to the protection of the environment, maintaining drinking water, wastewater, and reclaimed water compliance. The goals and objectives of the Utilities O&M Department are to provide critical services needed by the public, private, and commercial sectors while maintaining public health and safety. 

The tables below are separated by division and updated on an annual basis (every May) to reflect our system's infrastructure and production statistics. 80 percent of the county is served by our water & sewer services, consisting of 697 square miles of service area.

  1. Drinking Water
  2. Wastewater
  3. Reclaimed Water

Drinking Water System Statistics

Population Served:
Number of Service Connections:119,989
Number of Treatment Facilities:4
Water Production Distributed to Customers:30 to 40 Million Gallons per Day (MGD)
Number of Groundwater Wells:36
Miles of Water Mains:1,470.7 miles
Number of PCU Hydrants: