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Florida law provides an alternative method to direct municipal for plan review and inspection code compliance services through a process that is referred to as the 'Private Provider' program. It is governed by Florida Statute Sec. 553.791 and is intended to offer an alternative to traditional review and inspection services provided by local enforcement agencies to ensure the integrity of a project by licensed code professionals. 

Information about Pasco County's use of the Private Provider program is included on this webpage. If you have additional questions, please call 727-847-8126 or email:

  • What code compliance can be reviewed by Private Providers?
    • Only building plan review or inspection for compliance with the Florida Building Code. Private Providers cannot review zoning, storm water, fire, transportation plans or any local codes. 
  •  When do you notify Pasco County you are using a Private Provider? 
    • To use the service for building plan review and/or inspections, the owner must notify Pasco County at the time the permit application is submitted. 
  •  Does my Private Provider need to be registered with Pasco County? 
    • Yes, registration is required to verify certain licenses and insurances.                                                                                       Please visit: to verify. 
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