PCU Terms and Conditions

Pasco County Utilities Application Terms and Conditions

I, the undersigned, request water services, and/or sewer services, and/or reclaimed water services be turned on at the below premise(s), to be supplied through a meter, and agree to pay all monthly bills within fifteen (15) days, at the established rates, for all water service, and/or sewer service, and/or reclaimed water services received and/or consumed.  

I further agree to comply with all regulations of Pasco County Utilities and will not permit any additional taps or lines to be made or attached to the waterlines on the premise.

In addition, I understand that the service(s) being applied for below is to service only the premise(s) listed on this application.   

I agree that any Pasco County Utilities employee or authorized agent shall have access to the premise(s) at any and all reasonable hours for the purpose of conducting normal business while water service, and/or sewer service, and/or reclaimed water services are being supplied, without being liable for either personal or property damages of any kind whatsoever.  

In the event of nonpayment, any service(s) can be disconnected by Pasco County Utilities. Before said service is reconnected, all outstanding bills must be paid in full in addition to a reconnection fee at the prevailing rate. The reconnection fee is due and payable in advance before service is restored, even if meter has not been removed or disconnected.

I agree to pay any and all fees before the service is turned on at the premise(s).  

I will pay all damages to any Pasco County Utilities property and/or meters, and if not paid upon presentation of bill, service(s) may be discontinued.

This contract will remain in full force and effect until written notice has been received by Pasco County Utilities to discontinue service.

The deposit made with this application will bear no interest and will be applied to this account upon written notice to discontinue service, or after the applicant has fulfilled twenty-four (24) months of consecutive service with no late payments or dishonored checks.

New Port Richey (727) 847-8131   Land O’ Lakes (813) 235-6012   Dade City (352) 521-4285