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Mobile Home Installers Licenses and some Local County Contractor Licenses will be expiring on 9/30/2021. Please visit our Accela 2 website and register for an account if you have not already done so. 

You will be receiving an email next month with instructions on how to renew online.

If you are unable to renew online, you can download the attached form: State Certified Contractor Maintenance Form and email it to: requesting to renew your license and we will then send you further instructions. 

You can call our office if you need additional help on what is needed to renew your license at (727) 847-8009.

Thank you!

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New Permitting System

Central Permitting’s Contractor Licensing system has been upgraded to electronic submittals in order to make it more convenient for licensed professionals to register and renew their State and Local licenses. All steps of the registration can now be performed from the comfort of your home. Instructional videos on the Accela: New Residential Only website will help customers navigate the new Citizen Access portal.

Note: If you would like to search to see if a contractor is active in our county, please call 727-847-8009 OR you may email us- stating their name, business name, and license number.

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Our mission is to serve our constituents by ensuring all contractors that provide a service for our citizens in our community are properly licensed and insured. We will accomplish this by providing excellent service, streamlining business processes, implementing innovative technologies, and proactively engaging customers while enforcing all applicable Pasco County regulations.

Question 1 

Is the property in the name of the individual applying for the permit? 

  • If yes, please move to question two. 
  • If no, the owner may not be the contractor.

Question 3

Is or will the structure be rented, leased or intended to be sold?

  • If no, please move to question four. 
  • If yes, the owner may not be the contractor.

Question 5 

Will unlicensed workers be supervised by the owner? 

  • If yes, the owner may be the contractor. 
  • If no, the owner may not be the contractor.

Question 2

Is the structure for use by only the owner?

  • If yes, please move to question three. 
  • If no, the owner may not be the contractor.

Question 4 

Does the value of all the work to complete the improvements exceed $75,000? 

  • If no, please move to question five. 
  • If yes, the owner may not be the contractor.
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