Contractor Licensing

Our mission is to serve our constituents by ensuring all contractors that provide a service for our citizens in our community are properly licensed and insured. We will accomplish this by providing excellent service, streamlining business processes, implementing innovative technologies, and proactively engaging customers while enforcing all applicable Pasco County regulations.

  1. Stay Informed
  2. Responsibilities and Services
  3. State Certified License/Certificate of Competency

If you’re a contractor already registered in our system and you need to update your contact information, please create an account in the New Residential Permits Accela and All Other Permits Accela. Then you can email Contractor Licensing so we can make sure the information is updated correctly.

 If you’re a homeowner and need to check to see if a contractor your are hiring is licensed, please click on the Accela links above and search the information under the Contractor Licensing tab. You can also email Contractor Licensing the information you are looking for and we will research for you.