Pasco County Animal Services Updates

COVID-19 Updates for Animal Services

Pasco County Animal Services understands the impact of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and wants to assure the residents of Pasco County, and the animals you care for, that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of illness while still providing essential services to our community.  PCAS will be restricting all non-essential services and traffic to our shelter in Land O’ Lakes to limit the spread of potential illness and to remain in line with National Animal Control Association and CDC preventative method recommendations.

Pasco County Animal Control and the Land O’ Lakes shelter will limit the intake of all animals to only sick/injured or aggressive animals who pose an imminent threat to public safety or animals requiring a legal rabies quarantine as set by Florida State statute. All non-essential or not critical animal intake will be suspended or scheduled with our offices for sometime after 4/5/2020. This includes, but is not limited to, owner surrender animals; healthy stray dogs and cats; and owner agent release animals.  Please see additional resources below for online posting and connecting with the community regarding lost and stray pets who do not meet the emergent criteria for intake.

Pasco County Animal Services is limiting non-emergent animal surgery, volunteer traffic in the shelter and traffic of customers not looking to adopt an animal or reclaim an animal.  PCAS is suspending community service hours through our partners with Misdemeanor Probation and suspending all medical-related internships until further notice.  We are hoping fewer people at our facility will limit the spread of potential illness through CDC recommended social distancing.

Although this is a turbulent time, we want to ensure you that Pasco County Animal Services understands customers may require non-essential services or resources for the pets in their communities or in their home.  Please contact PCAS at or 813-929-1212 for more information about available resources and services, and other options during this challenging time.

Thank you all for your understanding and for your continued support of our life-saving mission.

  • All Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (TNVR) Clinics, Vaccination Clinics and Outreach Events are cancelled at this time.
  • Animal Services is restricting all field operation calls to only emergency response and priority calls.
  • Animal Services is not accepting owner/agent surrendered animals; intakes will be scheduled for dates after April 5th..
  • If you find stray pets, please consider utilizing posting services such as Finding Rover, Nextdoor and social media cross posting to help get them home.  
  • Building B (Administration Building) will be closed to the public at this time.  If you need to schedule time to speak to a person in the administration building please call 813-929-1212.Regularly scheduled deliveries will still be accepted as usual.
  • The volunteer program is suspended as of 3/30/2020 until further notice.
  • The community service program is suspended until further notice.
  • Pasco County Animal Services will be utilizing and encouraging the community to use WaitWhile to schedule visits to the shelter when possible.
  • In-person pet licensing sales are suspended until further notice.
  • For your convenience, Pet Licensing is available online:

Resources for Lost and Stray Animals

Finding Rover

Click here to visit Finding Rover

Pasco County Animal License Search

Pasco County Animal License Search

Leave Them Be Community Cat Program

Leave Them Be Program Information

View Pets at Pasco County Animal Services

Click here to visit Petango

How You Can Help

The shelter greatly appreciates all the help it can receive.  Below are ways you can help our shelter, our community and our pets.
  • If you have lost your pet - please visit Petango to see if we have any possible matches.  Encourage other community members to check as well.
  • Please limit visits to the shelter to owners who are reclaiming a lost pet or serious adoptions.
  • Please ensure that your pets' microchip information is up to date.  Not sure who your microchip company is?  Visit the AAHA Microchip Lookup website to find out at home.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Our mission is to ensure the health and safety of the people and pets in our community by encouraging responsible pet ownership through education, legislation and by providing incentives to sterilize pets.