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Roof Replacement Minimum Requirements

Completed Building Permit Application (including Parcel ID No. and Contractor ID No.)

Copy of contract required

Who is doing the work?

Is the roofing material shingles or another material?

  • Shingles (Two [2] Shingles Product Approval Numbers sheets are required).
  • Other than shingles (i.e., metal, tile, flat, etc.). (Two [2] Florida Product Approval Information Specification Sheets are required).

Is the project value over $2,500.00?

Is the property located in a FEMA "A" or "V" Zone?

Is this a single-family, site-built home or detached villa?

  • Yes (Answer next question).
  • No (ARR Permit)

Was the home built in 2002 or prior?

  • Yes (Must specify if using No. 30 felt or peel and stick and will require a Roof Nailing Affidavit).
  • No (ARR Permit)