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Screen Room/Shed Permit Checklist

Completed Building Permit (Building Permit Application including Parcel ID No. and Contractor ID No.)

Who is doing the work? 

Two (2) Site Plans  showing lot dimensions, location of the proposed structure, including setbacks to the property lines, all existing structures with dimensions, street location and name, and any easements and wetlands.

Two (2) sets of engineered drawings that meet the current Building Code, signed and sealed by a Florida Licensed Architect or Engineer, OR a Miami-Dade (DCA) Approval.

Two (2) completed Fill/Drainage/Tree Affidavits.

Is the project value over $2,500.00? 

Is there a septic system located on the property? 

  • If Yes (Call the Health Department at (727) 861-5661 to obtain the required approval letter).

Does the area of the structure cover 500 square feet or more, and is the property one (1) acre or less?

  • If Yes (Original sealed engineered drainage plans may be necessary. Call (727) 847-8126 first to ask if drainage plans are on file for the property).

Is the property located in a FEMA “A” or “V” Zone? 

  • If Yes (Must meet Flood Requirement or have hydrostatic openings. Wooden sheds must use pressure-treated materials).
  • If Yes (Substantial Improvement Calculations and possibly a Substantial Package is required).