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  1. Importance of Dog Dining Ordinance
  2. How Restaurant Owners Benefit
  3. Pricing and Violations

Why is the Outdoor Dog Dining Ordinance important?

The Board of County Commissioners adopted the Outdoor Dog Dining ordinance in 2017. The ordinance is important because it gives a restaurant the option to have clients dine with their dogs. It provides patrons the right to know that the area they are sitting at or next to may allow dogs. The patron will have the right to make the decision if they want to be in an area where dogs are welcome.  This ordinance helps the establishment create an enjoyable environment for all parties.

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Some of the major things the ordinance requires are:

  • Restaurants must provide separate access for dogs from the outdoors.
  • There must be waterless hand sanitizer at every table.
  • Dogs cannot be on the furniture
  • The establishment owner can have selected hours and days that the dogs are welcomed
  • The establishment owner must clearly identify the dog dining area.

For a full list of requirements, please see the full Outdoor Dog Dining Ordinance 17-48.

To get an Outdoor Dog Dining permit, you will need: