Training Division

The Pasco County Fire Rescue Amador J. Gonzalo Training Center provides a full-service training facility for Pasco County Fire Rescue personnel. Fire Rescue Training staff performs EMS and hazmat training for all new hires during their orientation period.

The training center also conducts Firefighter 1 classes for all department volunteer firefighters and maintains ongoing training for volunteers.

The draining division provides training in fire suppression, EMS, and hazmat disciplines to all department career personnel.

Located on the training grounds, is a state of the art fire simulator, training tower, burn building and classrooms.

State Credentialed Training Facility

Pasco County Fire Rescue Training Center is a state credentialed training facility and houses the Pasco County Fire Rescue Training Academy. We have the ability to instruct all classes that are approved by the Florida State Fire College. Classes are offered to all career and volunteer personnel to help in education and safety.