Cindy's Pet Food Donation Program

Genesis School and interested parents and friends came together and created a program that provides needed pet food for the animals of Senior citizens in our area. Cindy’s Pets is working together in conjunction with Pasco County Senior Services Meals on Wheels program.

Providing Nutritional Food for the Animals

It has been noted that many seniors, while participating in the Meals on Wheels program, often give a portion of their delivered meals to their beloved pets. These companion pets frequently are a home-bound senior’s only family member, and the pet’s well-being is naturally important to them. Our goal, then, is to provide good nutritional food for the animals, thereby enabling the elderly to enjoy their own meals with the knowledge that their pet is also being taken care of.

Cindy's Pets provide donated pet food to approximately 300 pets.

This dedicated group packages the donated pet food according to each pet’s size and delivers the appropriate supply as needed. Our clients no longer have to share their home delivered meal with their pets.

Contact Us

If you are interested in receiving the donated pet food for your pet or would like to donate pet food, please contact the Senior Services office at (727) 834-3340.