Operations Division 


Maintenance of stormwater drainage systems, roadways, sidewalks, and bridges


  • Tree trimming and care of over 11,000 plants and trees in the medians
  • Road maintenance, grading, and pothole patching
  • Right of way mowing, landscaping, and debris removal
  • Traffic signs and street marking maintenance

Stormwater Drainage 

  • Maintenance of stormwater drainage systems (pipes, inlets, swales, ditches, retention ponds, and canals)
  • Aquatic weed control in canals and ditches
  • Water control structures 
  • Mowing of ditches, canals, and detention ponds
Pasco County Public Works pipe replacement projectOver 68,000 road signs and 300 ponds are maintained. The division is also the first responder during natural disasters with the primary mission of clearing roadways and reducing the potential loss of property due to flooding.

Picture of Pasco County Public works employee creating a road sign