Emergency Management

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Pasco County faces a wide range of hazards annually. If a disaster struck, would you and your family be ready? Would your business be ready? Taking simple steps today could save lives and prevent devastation later. Follow the tips and checklists in the Pasco County Disaster Planning Guide to protect your loved ones, your home and your business.

This guide was developed by Pasco County Emergency Management to help you ensure you are prepared for any hazard that Pasco County may face. It also directs you to additional resources where you can get more information and assistance.

It takes the whole community to effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from a disaster. This includes our neighborhood and condo associations, faith-based, volunteer, and civic organizations, schools, the business community and residents. 

Get involved and help us spread the word about disaster preparedness for all hazards. This is what it takes to make our community safer and more resilient!

The 2019 Pasco County Disaster Planning Guide Will Become Available Soon!

For questions, comments, or concerns about the Emergency Management website, please contact our web administrator, Courtney Wildes at cwildes@pascocountyfl.net