Water Heater Inspections


Contractors must have the following supplies to complete a VuSpex Video Inspection: 

1) Mobile Device with VuSpex App 

a) Compatibility: iPhone 5 or newer, Android 4.0 or later: https://vuspex.com/contractor/

2) Flashlight 

3) Permit placard 

To schedule an inspection, during this implementation stage: call (727) 847-8126 x2 or email inspectionschedulers@pascocountyfl.net (after full implementation, contractors will be able to schedule the inspection via the Citizen Site) 

Performing a VuSpex Video Inspection:

Connecting To VuSpex:

- On your mobile device, download the VuSpex App from your App Store before scheduled inspection time. - At your scheduled inspection time, the Inspector will call you through the VuSpex App so they can see you and you can see them. - At this time, the inspector will geo-locate you through the VuSpex App to ensure that your physical location is at the permit location. - Show the Inspector what they need:The Inspector will ask the contractor to show, at a minimum, the following items so the Inspector can take pictures of violations through the VuSpex App: https://acapasco.accela.com/PASCO/Default.aspx 

For All Inspection Types - the Inspector will view the following:

- Permit posted in the window/door/etc.- Manufacturer owner manual

Water Heater Inspection - the Inspector will view the following

- T&P valve- Relief drain line- Pan and pan drain line (where required)- Hot and cold water connections- Protection (post or stop where required) Clearances as required (tape measure) Stand (where required) Insulation of hot water outlet Vacuum breaker (required for bottom feed units)- Vent ( if gas fired)