Emergency Power Rule

Florida Governor Rick Scott has directed AHCA and Florida Department of Elder Affairs to issue emergency rules (58A-5.036 and 59A-4.1265) to keep Floridians safe in health care facilities during emergencies. Pursuant to the emergency action on 9/16/2017, within the next 60 days, all assisted living facilities (ALFs) and nursing homes must obtain ample resources, including a generator and the appropriate amount of fuel, to sustain operations and maintain comfortable temperatures for at least 96-hours following a power outage. This is based on standards already in place at all hospitals in Florida.

For more information regarding the Emergency Power Ruling, please visit the following AHCA Website: http://ahca.myflorida.com/mchq/emergency_activities/epp.shtml

Emergency Environmental Control Plan (EECP) Template

For a template EECP, please contact Krysta Johnes at kjohnes@mypasco.net

***When drafting your EECP, please follow the template plans and attach any supporting documentation as addendums.***