Mobile Home/Solar Permit Requirements

Effective January 1, 2019 the following permits will no longer be done over the counter. There will be a three day turnaround from permit submission to issuance:

  • Solar permits (Will require additional electrical review)

Implementation date is September 1, 2018 which is when Pasco County will require Building permits for all repairs and alterations to Mobile Homes ( as defined by F.S. 320.01) where required by the Pasco County Code of Ordinances.

(a) Permits are required as stated in this code and the Florida Building Code. The following activities require a building permit unless exempted in writing by the Building Official; erection, construction, alteration or repair of a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system. (Ord. No. 07-20, & 1, 9-11-07).  

This requirements includes but is not limited to re-roofs, roof repairs, interior remodels, general repairs and exterior door and window replacements. 

Those Mobile Homes located in Flood areas will also be subject to all relevant Flood Damage Prevention requirements per local and Federal Codes and Ordinances.