Medical Resources

The following resources are to help pet owners better understand a variety of health concerns and issues.  These resources are not intended to diagnose illnesses. If you suspect injury or disease, please seek appropriate veterinary care for your pet. 

General Pet Topics

Preventative Pet Health Care Information
Traveling With Your Pet
Pet Insurance Information
Information about fleas, ticks and intestinal parasites
Information about flea allergic dermatitis
Pet Dental Health
Environment and food pet allergy information
Information for pets and hot weather
Spay and neuter information
Information about senior pets
Information about ringwormringworm
Pet Obesity Information

Cat-Specific Topics

Preventative Health Care for Catsprev cat
Information about feline mmunodecificency virus (FIV)
Information for feline scabies
Information about feline leukemia
Information on urinary issues in cats
Information about upper respiratory infections in cats
Vaccine Calculator

Dog-Specific Topics

Information on upper respiratory infections in canines
Information for canine scabies
Preventative health care for dogs
Information on heartworm disease