A/C Change Out Inspection

What you will need:

Contractors must have the following supplies to complete a Virtual Inspection:

  • Mobile Device with VuSpex App
  • Compatibility: iPhone 5 or newer, Android 4.0 or later: https://vuspex.com/contractor/
  • Tape measure
  • Torpedo level
  • Screw gun
  • Affidavit for wire size/collar completed and signed by the License Holder
  • AHRI Matching Certificate for the equipment installed
  • Manufacturer’s data for Ultra-violet protective coating
  • Permit placard

To schedule an inspection, during this implementation stage: call (727) 847-8126 x2 or email inspectionschedulers@pascocountyfl.net  (after full implementation, contractors will be able to schedule the inspection via the Citizen Site) : Pasco County Citizen Portal

Performing a Virtual Inspection:

Connecting To Pasco County Citizen Portal:

  • On your mobile device, download the VuSpex App from your App Store before scheduled inspection time.
  • At your scheduled inspection time, the Inspector will call you through the VuSpex App so they can see you and you can see them.
  • At this time, the Inspector will geo-locate you through the VuSpex App to ensure that your physical location is at the permit location.
  • Show the Inspector what they need:

The Inspector will ask the Contractor to show, at a minimum, the following items so the Inspector can take pictures through the VuSpex App.

For All Inspection Types, the Inspector will view the following:

  • Permit posted in the window/door/etc.
  • Affidavit for wire size/collar
  • AHRI Certificate
  • Ultra Violet protection coating data sheet

Condensing Unit Inspection, the Inspector will view the following:

  • Anchors
  • Ultra Violet protection coating
  • Vandal proof refrigerant port caps
  • Unit label- minimum/maximum Ampacity and unit model number
  • Clearance around unit

Air Handling Unit Inspection, the Inspector will view the following:

  • Unit support
  • Auxiliary drain pan
  • Condensate drain
  • Duct connection
  • Unit label- minimum/maximum Ampacity and unit model

Electrical breaker panel, allow the Inspector to view the following:

  • Breaker size & labeling

The above is not a complete list of the items that the Inspector will require to be viewed as each inspection is unique. Follow all of the Inspector’s instructions to assure the inspection will be thoroughly completed.

Once all necessary items have been viewed and the necessary pictures have been taken by the Inspector, the Inspector will disconnect from the VuSpex App and end the scheduled inspection.  The Inspector will then result the inspection and update Pasco Permitting with all the information.

This initial Mechanical A/C Change Out inspection takes approximately 10 minutes to 30 minutes. 

Inspections are free to the contractor during the initial period.

The Contractor will be required to schedule at least one day in advance of the inspection.

Date Last Edited: 3/1/2019 By: Amy Elmore