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What is VuSpex?

Pasco County Development Services is now offering VuSpex, a  virtual building inspections tool that provides inspection services to contractors remotely, with the use of any device. By using VuSpex, our Inspectors can thoroughly perform a virtual inspection from any location, saving the contractors both time and money. VuSpex allows the inspector to take pictures, videos, make notes, and even uses a geo-locator to verify that the inspection location is the same as the permit address.

Who Can Use It?

VuSpex can be used by contractors requesting an inspection for Air Conditioning Change Outs. In the future, contractors will be able to use VuSpex for Water Heater Change Outs, Water Softener Change Outs, and selected Re-inspections with few violations. Contractors must have a cell phone with adequate resolution and signal quality and must be able to download the VuSpex App.

How Do I Schedule a VuSpex Inspection?

To schedule a Virtual Inspection with Pasco County, Email or call 727-847-8126 option 2.

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