How to Get a Pasco County License Tag

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Pasco County Code of Ordinances Chapter 14 requires annual licensing for dogs and cats four months of age or older.  Most Pasco veterinarians and some neighboring county veterinarians sell licenses for pets receiving a rabies shot from their clinic.

All others can purchase the tag at the Animal Services facility in Land O'Lakes or through the mail. 

​In person license sales are currently suspended.  Licenses can and should still be purchased through our online licensing option.

County licenses can be purchased several ways.
- Online - click here or the button to the right to be redirected
- At Pasco County Animal Services
- At one of the two location listed below

Hudson Library - 8012 Library Rd., Hudson, FL 34667  -  (727) 861-3040

Fiscal Services Building - 8620 Galen Wilson Blvd. #300, Port Richey, FL 34668  -  (813) 929-1212
  • This location only accepts cash or checks/money orders.  No credit or debit cards are accepted.
Link to Online Pet Licensing Website

Lifetime License Tags

Pasco County is happy to introduce Lifetime Licensing Tags.  What this means is that your pet will retain the same tag throughout its lifetime.  No more having to find the pliers to get the tags off and on their collars!  Although the license tag and number will stay the same over your pet’s life, the renewals of 1 or 3 year will continue.  Have questions?  Call us at 813-929-1212.

Dog Licenses

Duration Price
1 Year Altered
3 Year Altered
1 Year Unaltered
3 Year Unaltered
Replacement License

Cat Licenses

Duration Price
1 Year Altered
3 Year Altered
1 Year Unaltered
3 Year Unaltered
Replacement License

Licensing for 501c3 Humane Organizations

Effective November 1, 2018 all 501c3 Rescue Organizations located within Pasco County are required to purchase licensing for the pets in their care.  For more information and purchase your tags please contact us at
Required Documents for Licensing

All documents will be required for purchase of a Pasco Animal License.  To purchase a license by mail, please send payment in the form of a check or money order made out to PCBOCC.
  • Appropriate license fee
  • Copy of current rabies vaccination (must include vaccination information and veterinarian signature)
  • Proof of spay/neuter status (required for purchase of altered license)

License Application (PDF)

Pearl Sign-In

Veterinarians in Pasco County and the surrounding counties may apply to use the Pasco Electronic Animal Registration and Licensing (PEARL) online system to register county dog/cat license tags as they issue them to their clients.  

Request PEARL information by calling (813) 929-1212 or send an email request.