Mobile Food Operations License

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Why does someone need to register for Mobile Food Operations?

This ensures they have met the state requirements for food safety and are properly trained and prepared to sell safe food.

What happens if someone tries to do business without registering as a Mobile Food Operation?

If someone wants to sell food in the County in a mobile format (food truck, veggie van, hotdog cart, etc.) they will need to have registered with the county or else they will face the possibility of fines if caught.

Why is this an important Ordinance?

This ordinance provides economic opportunities for people who cannot afford a brick and mortar store, and it is a way to provide good food to people in areas without many restaurants.

How can I register for a Mobile Food Operation?

You can come into any of our office locations or complete the registration online at

Can I register online or do I have to come in?

You can get a permit online or in person.

How much does registration cost?

The Mobile Food Operations registration is $100.00 a year and must be renewed.