How to stay safe in a severe thunderstorm?

Understand Pasco County and Tampa Bay

•Tampa Bay receives thunderstorms almost daily, especially through the summer months

•How does flooding affect Pasco County and your neighborhood?

•How vulnerable is your home to high wind events?

Develop a Plan

•Make a phone contact list in the event that your phone battery dies, is destroyed, or you need to rely on another person’s phone. The contact list should include:

•Family phone numbers

•Important email contacts

•Works/school contacts

•Identify out of town contacts

•Identify meeting places for your family:

•Inside your home

•Outside your home, somewhere in your neighborhood

•Outside your neighborhood

•Outside your town/city

•Share the plan and ensure family knows how to use the plan

•Practice the plan 1 to 2 times a year

For more information:

For additional Family Emergency Planning information, please refer to FEMA's template.