About Pasco County Utilities (PCU)

  1. Questions Answered

What will my new bill look like and what will be the cost difference?
Customers new to PCU, from a FGUA utility system that was acquired within Pasco County, will initially see a few difference’s in the way information is placed on a bill . Additionally, most customers will see a decrease in the amount they used to pay for services if usage remains the same. Resources to help see the differences: 

When will the first bill be sent and how often after?
PCU bills monthly, based on actual use. The first bill for customers previously with FGUA will be July 2020. Usage, seen on the bill will show water used the month prior. Visit the PCU Rates  section to know more about how usage is calculated. Learn more about reading you meter with helpful water conservation tips.

How will I access account information or pay my bill?
After July 1, 2020, accessing payment options or a PCU account is as simple as visiting PascoEasyPay.com Customers have access to multiple payment options to include: E-bills, online quick pay, ElectronicFunds Transfer (EFT), and Pay-by-Phone.

Why is there a Customer Number & Account Number?
A Customer Number is assigned to a customer name and remains the same to maintain historical data. An Account Number is assigned to a location and is unique to each service address. It is important to have both numbers to ensure payments are not credited to an outdated address or the wrong property, especially if multiple properties are owned.

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