Volunteer Job Descriptions

  1. Dog Walker
  2. Pet Adoption Counselor
  3. Adoption Center Greeter

Essential Job Functions

Objective: To assist with making the shelter dogs as adoption-eligible as possible by socializing them in a safe and comfortable environment. Providing enrichment opportunities by taking them on walks one at a time to interact with toys in the SPREE, stretch their legs by walking in the yard areas, or to provide a break from the kennel area. Offer feedback on the dog’s behavior and communicate to fellow volunteers as well as staff on relevant information.
  • Accurately represent the animals when speaking to potential adoptive parents on behavior/medical disposition of dogs. Partner with staff on current costs for adoptions/licensing/current promotions. Provide feedback to medical staff if witnessing any immediate medical concerns of a dog. Report any bites from a dog to a Supervisor immediately. Completing Walk Sheet after each dog has been walked and returned to cage. Read and use appropriate kennel signs per protocol.
  • Assist staff in cleaning kennels, Window Room cages, etc. Use provided bags to collect dog feces while out of their kennel on walks, and use designated areas to dispose of bags.
  • Represent the shelter in a professional & positive manner and helping to answer any questions, concerns, feedback from the general public while in “public areas” as a volunteer. Always maintain a positive attitude and refer anything above typical volunteer questions to a staff member.
  • Use trained safety techniques when handling dogs in/out of their cage area. Using approved leash tools to walk dogs. Work with one dog at a time and maintain all procedures (including but not limited to 20ft. distance between animals, harnessing as needed, checking corners/hallways/doorways before entering, and closing all doors behind as you walk dogs).