Greenways, Trails & Blueways

A comprehensive Countywide Greenways, Trails and Blueways Master Plan is being developed and anticipated to be a guide to future development of the system helping to set funding priorities.

View the Environmental Lands Acquisition and Management Program webpage for more information on the Greenways plan and some walking trails on the land that they manage.

The Suncoast Trail is a paved multi-purpose trail that stretches from Hillsborough through Pasco and ends in Brooksville. This trail is used by several walkers, runners, cyclists and rollerbladers. Some of the trailheads provide shelter, benches, water or restrooms.

View the Florida Greenways and Trails Council webpage for more information on the Greenways, Trails and Blueways.

View the Southwest Florida Water Management District website for more information on trails they oversee.