Plumbing Inspections

Ramon Blanco 
Deputy Building Official 
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Tim Henline
Chief Field Inspector Plumbing
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Plumbing Inspections

Mission Statement:

Protecting the safety, health and welfare of the community is our top priority. We take great care in providing excellent customer service and perform professional Inspection services to both residential and commercial interests.

Changes in Codes

Please note that code changes became effective January 1, 2018

Florida Building Code (Plumbing) and Florida Plumbing Code 2017

Please access the link shown below for the most prevalent code changes:

The Florida Building Code- 6th Edition (2017)

Stay tuned to this page for further updates to our online permits.

Plumbing Inspectors

Joe Dowell, Field Inspector I, cell - (727) 457-6795, Email Joe Dowell:

Robert Gately, Field Inspector II, cell - (727) 267-3266, Email Robert Gately

Bill Stewart, Field Inspector II, cell - (727) 809-0585, Email Bill Stewart