Petition Process


The simplified petition process is as specified by Special Assessment Ordinance No. 02-17:

  1. The Paving Assessment Office is contacted and a site visit is requested for the roads involved. The initial contact person making the request provides their name, address and telephone number.
  2. The paving assessment engineer then conducts a site evaluation and prepares the initial cost estimate for the improvements requested.
  3. The initial contact person is informed as to the nature of the work involved, along with a preliminary cost estimate. If it is decided to proceed with the project based on this information, the initial contact person is then designated petition leader.
  4. The Paving Assessment Office sends out petition letters to all the benefited property owners explaining the proposed project and the maximum amount to be assessed after the work is completed. Also enclosed with the letter is a returned envelope and a form on which the property owners vote yes or no for the proposed project. Before proceeding, 50% of those responding must be in favor of the project.
  5. If enough favorable responses are received, the Board of County Commissioners hold a public hearing on the petition and, if approved, the petition becomes a project and is scheduled for construction.
  6. After the project is completed, all specially benefited property owners are billed their share of the completed work regardless of whether they voted for or against the improvement project.