Affidavits and Ordinances


An affidavit is a form filled out by a complainant or a witness stating in their own words, a description of an event that has occurred. Animal Services has three different affidavit forms for complainants or witnesses to fill out dependent upon the situation.

Complaint Affidavit

This is the most commonly used form, normally filled out for aggressive animal calls, bite incidents, etc.

Complaint Affidavit Download (PDF)

General Affidavit

This form covers most of the basic events that animal control officers are called out for such as a dog running at large if the customer has photographs.

General Affidavit Download (PDF)

Nuisance Affidavit

This form would be filled out for any call considered to be for a nuisance complaint such as barking dogs, animals running at large, etc. To report a nuisance animal under Pasco County Ordinance 14-30 (Public Nuisance Animals), complaining parties must have affidavits from two individual/unrelated people who observed the alleged violations from different locations but within the vicinity of the noise source. All complaining persons must make themselves available to testify in court if a citation is issued to support the affidavits filed. The affidavits must be notarized (all Pasco County Animal Control Officers are registered notaries).

Nuisance Affidavit Download (PDF)

Doctors Offices/Emergency Services Reports

Bite Report

Animal Related Ordinances

  1. FLDD
  2. Current FLDD Dogs in Pasco

Florida Dangerous Dog

Dangerous dog investigations would look into the classification of a specific dog as "dangerous", if that animal has met the requirements for the state classification.

Requirements include, but are not limited to:   Frequency and types of complaints.