Lost Pets

Losing your pet can be scary. PCAS is here to help guide you through the process of being reunited with your best friend.

Where Do I Start?

Lost/Found Cats:

The shelter does not typically accept stray & feral cats as there is no leash law for cats in the county. Cats that are accepted must meet one or more of the below listed criteria:

  • Cats found outside that are declawed (front, back or both)
  • Sick/Injured
  • Too Young/Too Old to fend for themselves
  • Cats that have bitten or scratched a person

Finding Rover

Finding Rover is a free website and smartphone application that allows for a profile to made for lost pets.  The application uses facial recognition software to help pets find their way back home. 
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Finding Rover


Please check Petango daily to see if tour pet is at our facility.  A pet's profile appears as soon as intake is completed.  If you believe you have seen your pet on Petango please come view them at our shelter in person to confirm their identity.
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