Funded Projects and Programs

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County Initiated Projects

Pasco County has identified land which can be prepared for specifically targeted economic development projects and, with the Office of Economic Growth Penny for Pasco funds, are proceeding with goals to achieve 'Ready Certification' for these sites:

Overpass Business Park

Zephyrhills Airport Industrial Area Sewer Improvements

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Pasco County has entered into a funding agreement with the Pasco Economic Development Council (Pasco EDC) for additional economic development services using $2,983,000 in funding from the JEO Trust Fund. The agreement funds the following programs or services:

1. Pasco Ready Sites Program: These services will assess the site readiness toward site certification for a total of 2,500 acres of prospective industrial land. Funds will be used to identify potential sites, assess the current level of readiness of those sites, and report the required improvements necessary to bring those sites to certified levels according to industry standards. This program will identify impediments, potential remedies, and further investments in the improvements needed on identified sites for the following outcomes:

a. Market certified sites nationally and internationally.

b. Build recognition and the reputation that Pasco County is serious about recruiting world-class companies and has the solutions for business growth needs.

c. Enhance relationships with premier site selection firms so that Pasco County is viewed as a leader in the Tampa Bay Area for available & ready sites.

2. International Program: These services will build an international trade program designed to increase export opportunities for Pasco based businesses, including the identification of new international markets, sharing trade leads, providing assistance with obtaining Gold Key matchmaker grants related to international trade missions and trade shows. In addition partnerships will be established to attract foreign direct investment and establish Pasco based operations by international companies. The International Development Program is based on three building blocks:

a. Assisting Pasco companies to identify and capture sales opportunities through international trade.

b. Marketing Pasco County benefits to foreign companies in targeted industries and countries around the world to influence their location decisions in the United States and to capture a share of those projects.

c. Cataloging community resources, educating community leaders, workers, and residents with respect to foreign trade, investment and cultures, and organizing and growing community capacity.

3. Entrepreneurship Program: These services, collectively known as the SMARTstart program, includes business support programs from start-up to mature growth companies located in Pasco County. Services will be coordinated among various business development organizations and include proven systems for the development of successful businesses, direct business education, and development services:

a. CO.STARTERS - A cohort to support business development

b. CEO Round Tables/SPARC Business Growth Framework - Find a discussion forum or a step-by-step program for business strategies and solutions.

c. Business Incubators - Connect with your customers in a professional office space.

d. Pasco Microloan - Apply for a low interest small business loan.

e. Pasco Enterprise Network - A partnership of successful business people and resources for counseling and advice.

4. Enhanced Marketing Program: These services include an integrated marketing program for Pasco County for Business Attraction, Business Retention and Expansion, Entrepreneurship, and Workforce attraction marketing. Marketing efforts will focus on decision making business executives as our primary target audience with site selection consultants as an important secondary target and to increase the likelihood of Pasco County being included on business relocation “short lists.”

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